A love story, a legendary concert,
a personal tale of trauma and transcendence

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“In March 2022, the NFSA presented the documentary Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow (2021) in Arc cinema. After the screening, I hosted a Q&A session with director Philippa Bateman”

Philippa Bateman in conversation with Karina Libbey at the NFSA about Wash My Soul in the River's Flow

““Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow is a beautiful and very emotional film… It’s a film, but it’s an art piece.””

Showreel 64 - Wash My Soul in the River's Flow - 0:01:00+

Music From The Soul To The Screen

“This is stunning. It’s a moving documentary. One of the things that struck me was [Philippa’s] courage and fortitude, if you like, as a filmmaker in this era of fast paced cuts where scenes are timed to the second, to give us passages in minutes of time, in which we can dwell quietly with the beautiful footage of the Murray lands and Coorong.”

347 – Music From The Soul To The Screen - 05:17+


“If you were in attendance that night, you must have walked away feeling like you'd been privileged to take part in this communal sharing of narration. And the film amplifies this experience.”

Wash My Soul review & Philippa Bateman interview - 33:20+

WASH MY SOUL IN THE RIVER’S FLOW – Interview with Philippa Bateman

“One of the most beautiful films ever made.”

Audio interview

Honouring Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter With Filmmaker Philippa Bateman

Connecting land, love and loss, the documentary goes beyond just the music.

Audio interview